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The casino app for mobile devices is available to download the game called Mines. Users will get a full-fledged client on their phone, which will allow them to run the game in demo mode or for real money.

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How to download the game Mines to your smartphone

Users may find Mines freely available on various online casino sites, but there are several sites where Spribe, the company responsible for creating this game, makes it available to its customers. Among such sites are Pin Up and 1win, which are reputable in this field.

The services of the operator of the gaming establishment include different variants of mobile applications:

  • On mobile devices with the Android operating system, you can install a very famous client program, which is also compatible with tablets.
  • The current device on which the application is running is an iPhone. The installation process is done without the use of the AppStore, and the staff of the gaming establishment provides full support to the user.
  • The software is available for computers with different operating systems, including Windows and MacOS. Installation of the online casino client on a personal computer or laptop takes place without any difficulties.

Built-in emulator Mines is available in the application and can be found in the section related to casino games or by using the search function within the application.

The installation involves several stages:

  • To download the free Mines games on Android, you need to free up enough space on your phone and temporarily disable your antivirus program. In case the protection system detects the casino software as potentially dangerous, it can be removed. However, it is worth noting that the applications released by Pinup and 1win do not contain viruses, so the risk of infection is minimal.
  • For a successful launch, you need to download the appropriate version of the app, which will be available in app format for Android-based devices, or in-app format for iOS. After receiving the distribution package, it is required to download it to the root folder of the device.
  • It is required to unpack the archive installer, which will not take much time. Soon after that, the icon of the online casino will be visible on the desktop of the device.

Finding and downloading Mines for money is easy. The first page usually displays a list of slot machines. At the top of the menu, you can see other gambling games. Emulator Mines is usually included in the category of crash games, which differ from slots in their mechanics.

The mobile version of the game also has the opportunity to start playing for free, which is a profitable choice. On the phone screen, the interface looks more compact, which may take some getting used to. In addition, if the player plays Mines for the first time, he will need to learn the rules and features of the game mechanics.

mines game app download

Why you should download Mines

The game, developed by Spribe Studio, is designed for smartphone and tablet users because it uses HTML5 technology. This choice of software tools achieves high-quality graphics and optimization that are not harmful to your device.

There are several disadvantages of online games running in the browser:

  • A person who is fond of gambling can face the problem of fast battery drain. Games run in the browser consume a lot of battery power. Owners of cell phones with insufficient battery capacity are familiar with this problem personally.
  • There is a chance that a player may unexpectedly interrupt a gaming session as a result of unwanted pop-ups and imperfections of the browser software, even if the highly functional Safari on iPhone is used.
  • The user will not be able to deploy the emulator to full-screen mode, so he will have to move the game window to see all of its features. This uncomfortable situation will be especially annoying when it comes to a game that can only be controlled with one hand.
  • There is a delay in the processing of user requests by the browser, which can lead to occasional errors and missed commands when double-clicking cells. However, the application functions without delay and response instantly.

With the client program, you can enjoy game Mines on the full screen without having to change the orientation of your device. To start one-click betting, a single thumb is enough to easily reach any point on the screen. A quick session can be started in a matter of seconds.

In the mobile version, Mines buttons are larger, unlike in the browser version, where they look smaller and can be difficult to hit. The font size is also reduced, which can lead to difficulties for players with vision problems.

Not to be forgotten are the huge benefits that a mobile casino offers. With the corresponding application, each customer can use the convenient function of depositing their account in just one click, quickly and without delay withdraw their winnings and be aware of current bonus programs. In addition, with push notifications, each user automatically receives information about new vouchers for exciting gambling.

play mines on phone

How to start playing at Mines from your phone

After downloading the application from the casino website, you need to log into your account using a special method:

  • Registration is available on several platforms, including official sites and the client program. Data such as a phone number, email address, and social media account are required to create an account.
  • The user enters their credentials, which can be in the form of an email or a cell phone number. There is also an option to save a password via Face ID, which avoids re-entering data when logging in.
  • The person logs into their profile and deposits funds. With the help of the mobile app, the transaction is done as quickly as possible. After confirming the transaction, the transition is made to the bank app, where it will only be necessary to accept the start of the transfer process.

After that, the player switches to the tab with Mines, which can be found in the category of alternative games. The emulator provided only by Spribe should be distinguished from other analogs because it exactly repeats the game mechanics of the classic Minesweeper.

After running a demo mode emulator, the user can easily switch to a mode with real money stakes. In this case, the bottom of the screen will be displayed information about the available bankroll, and the guest can select the bet size in the range from 0.1 to 100 USD.

The field opens with some amount of mines in the basic format, but its settings can be changed through the menu in the upper left corner. Updating the bank does not require reloading the page or starting the emulator. By the way, in the mobile version Mines with the ability to bet the application starts in seconds.

To start the game, you need to click on the BET button, and then select one of the cells to find out the result. If a star appears in the selected cell, the player will be able to withdraw his winnings. But it is possible to continue guessing and open other cells to increase the multiplier of the current game session.

mines game interface

Description of the features of the user interface of the mobile version of the game Mines

It is an advantage of Min is that the mobile version has no differences from the browser version. This means that site visitors will not spend their time adapting to the new interface.

Several sections may be of interest to a newcomer who is just starting to play this game of chance:

  • The variation in the number of explosive devices affects the process of the game. It determines the initial and final multiplier and also affects the constant growth of the coefficient with each new stage. It is easy to see that on a playing field with 20 bombs, the player can make significant profits on each stage.
  • It is possible to choose your bet size, but Spribe also provides a list of fixed bets for the visitor's convenience. Options include 2, or 4 USD, or the option to bet the full amount. When choosing a bet size, make sure that the amount will not cause you to lose your deposit in a single round.
  • The main menu has a link to the payout table, which includes information on free bets, betting history, and game settings. Mechanics Mines has no bonuses of its own, but the developer offers casino operators to give out gifts for players on this emulator.

The game's main screen consists of a 5-by-5 grid, where all cells are closed at the beginning. To open one of the cells, you need to click on it. The winner is the player who opens the cell with the star after several moves. If a bomb appears on the screen, the player loses, and the bet will be retained by the gaming club.

If a newcomer to online casinos has no experience playing for real money, it is recommended to start with a demo mode, which has no time limit. Spribe provides the player with a base deposit of 3,000 virtual USD, which you can use at your discretion. Even if you spend the maximum possible 100 USD, virtual funds will be enough for a long period.

The game mechanics are integrated into the online casino system that allows you to use the base currency specified by the user when registering an account.

mines betting game

How do I get special opportunities to participate in the Mines games without incurring additional costs?

When newcomers begin to explore the internal menu of a gambling game, they often pay attention to the tab that contains information about freebies. This section contains all the available freebies that are provided by the gambling establishment. However, at first, visitors do not always understand how they can get such privileges.

There are several methods for organizing free bets:

  • The user can enable push reminders in the mobile app and periodically receive notifications of upcoming events. Regularly during the month, the administration of the casino gives out special promo codes, which allow getting additional funds on the balance and using them in various games, including Mines and other gambling games.
  • There is an opportunity for gambling enthusiasts to subscribe to certain channels on Telegram and VK, where various casinos are represented. Administrators of these social networks regularly hold promotions that give out vouchers with complimentary points. Users exchange computer points for real money and use the earned funds in game Mines.
  • The player can write to the support chat. In the mobile application of the casino, you can do this in two clicks. And requests from the program client are processed by the staff of the gambling establishment in the first place. Visitors will ask for information about current promotions and learn what bonus options can be used in Mines.
  • To use the maximum possible amount to bet in various gambling games, the player should read the welcome package, which is provided by the virtual casino 1win, where the first deposit is given 500%.
  • Those who played with real money and suffered losses in 7 days can get a nice bonus in the form of cashback. Every week registered customers can use this opportunity, but it is worth remembering that the money will be issued by the operator only on Mondays and Fridays.

Freebet play is a priority, as it helps the visitor to compensate for the first failures. If there are many mines on the playing field, there is a high risk of losing. There is also a method of determining the most frequent stars by carefully examining the cells.

You can use a strategy to increase your bankroll in the game Mines, which uses a random number generator. Bonus balances can be used to supplement your budget and extend your playing time. The duration of the session directly affects the risk of the game. Players who spend several hours in the game are prone to win.


How do I download the Mines games to my phone?

The embedded casino app for mobile devices contains an emulator, which is available for download from the web resource of the game club.

How to install Mines on Android?

To download Game Mines on an Android smartphone, the player must first choose a suitable version of the casino application for this operating system. After downloading the apk-file and unpacking it, the user will need to log in to his account and run Mines in the mobile version.

How to download Mines on iPhone?

It is possible to download the mobile application to play Mines in the casino from the official source or a working mirror. After installation, the user can log into his account, open the game and enjoy it both in the demo version and for real money.

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