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In the comments of users who have played Mines, you can find many curious details. This simulator provides the opportunity to win if you use the right tactics, with a maximum payout of 10000 USD.

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mines game reviews

Reviews of the game Mines will help the client of the online casino to understand what strategy is considered the golden mean. There are several modes presented in the mechanics. Each format of the game for money involves a different number of bombs. The more mines, the harder it is to find the winning stars. In their comments, gamblers share strategies and secrets that they managed to discover through trial and error.


A new game with interesting gameplay, reminiscent of good old Minesweeper. Already played for over three hours and, of course, lost a few times. But after some failures found a balance and now I win. Reviews of this game confirm its honesty and the possibility of winning.

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I haven't done slots for a long time. Discovered a new game called Mines, thanks to real reviews. It resembles Minesweeper and allows you to win if you follow the details and take your time.


This game, where not everything depends on chance, is really interesting. I bet one minute and always guess. Out of 50 rounds, I have only lost once, so if you are patient, you can earn.


Well, the game is certainly addictive. Not only the opportunity to win but also a sense of excitement makes you keep going. If you don't bet too much, you can win a lot. The advantage is that the demo has no time limit, so you can practice and gain experience.


I play the game on minimum stakes, but I get bonuses from the casino and sometimes win internal free bets. Although I am not a brave player, I still have won a few times, but only in small amounts.


There is a program called "Emulator Mines", which is an exact duplicate of the game "Minesweeper". According to user reviews, the program is worthy of attention, but winning it is not so easy and depends on luck. Some users report winnings of up to 10 thousand, but it is associated with high risks. In general, the program can be a good way to relax, but you should not count on big winnings.

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Quite an interesting version of the slot, although on the slot machine Mines, of course, does not look like it. Pleased with the presence of statistics. As in crash games, you can calculate the algorithms. Even the bombs scheme is saved in the betting history, and in the same place, as they say, does not shoot twice in a row. In general, you can win, and regularly.


Now a lot of reviews about the new game called "Mines". I decided to try it out to understand what it is. It turned out that this is a redesigned version of the game "Minesweeper" in the form of a slot machine where you can earn money. I play it in my free time at work, usually taking a few steps and closing the bet. To be honest, the game turned out pretty good - in 3 hours I did not stumble once on a mine.


I advise you to choose the number one mine, this choice will ensure success. I was able to increase my capital by 500 in a day, playing with maximum bet and not facing a loss thanks to the right choice. Withdrawal of funds went without problems through the official website 1win to VISA card.


Initially lost most of his money in the game, but got a free bet that helped him get back in the game and even make money. He learned an important lesson about not getting too carried away because after failing, you can lose concentration and start betting incorrectly, which can lead to losing.


Made a risky decision and bet over 200 on 500 rounds in an automated game at Pin-up Casino. He left the game for a while and took up other bad habits. Returning after half an hour, found that the balance is already 600. Unexpectedly I found that the money was transferred in 5 minutes without asking for a passport, which was pleasantly surprising.

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A very interesting way to participate in the game is free bets. It allows you to get bonuses from the casino without having to wager them. I would recommend even skeptics to try this type of game. The casino offers many ways to get bonuses, so the chances of winning are very high. It is important to know that the bets should not be too small, but also not too big - I prefer to bet no more than 10 minimum bets.


I managed to get a quick 5k on Mines, thanks to the multiplier increase with each successful move in guessing the stars. Before that, I practiced in the demo version, which turned out to be very useful. Played with a bonus, so not too worried about possible losses, which probably also played a role.


Sometimes I am not lucky in gambling, but I do not despair and continue to play. Finally, luck smiled at me at Mines. I started with losses but then decided to play more carefully and use only 3-5 minutes. As a result, in 6 hours of play, I increased my deposit by 2 times and withdraw the winnings to my card.


It's like a game from the past, but now you have to pay for it. The graphics are good, nothing superfluous, and the rules are simple. I didn't play much, but I made some money. It's not that common in slot machines, so I think it's good.


Although I never became a millionaire, I have a small achievement that I am proud of. I earned 700 in a day, but of course that was not the result of one round. I played for about six hours, started cautiously, but then became more risky. In the world of betting, there is a strategy based on the analysis of previous results, which allows you to accurately predict the places where the leaders will appear if you make a minimum number of bets.

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I haven't found a guaranteed strategy for playing Mines, despite the many YouTube videos where people pretend they know how to do it. Ultimately it all depends on luck, which smiled on me this time. I won 300, starting with a deposit of only 20.


There is a game that allows you to comfortably play in the car. While playing, you can enjoy a beer and watch your progress. I usually play by selecting one cell and betting on one bomb. Although it does not always work, sometimes luck is on my side.


Among the many other options on the market, the development from the company Spribe seems the most attractive. In addition, the mobile version of this game works perfectly even through the browser. This is especially important for iPhone users, where there are a lot of difficulties with downloading casino apps. I enter the game several times a day, make a few bets and withdraw my winnings at the end of the week. That said, I have only topped up my balance twice in a month.


My evaluation of the game was not too high because I lost my first two deposits of 2 thousand, although I managed to win a thousand afterward. The most negative thing about Mines is its ability to induce excitement, which can be hard to stop even when you've already won. Nevertheless, it is possible to win this game if you learn to control your emotions.


The new version of Minesweeper pleased me with its updated interface. I play it regularly and sometimes even manage to win the game. Although there are many strategies, I prefer not to risk too much. Perhaps this is what helps me achieve stable results. Overall, I'm impressed with the updated Minesweeper.


Although the game is pretty average, it gets boring. The gameplay is fairly monotonous, no special tactics are required, just set a few bombs and win. There are rarely any minefields in the middle of the game. I was able to win three times and get 20 each.

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This is an interesting entertainment that does not obey strict rules. I was only able to find explosives in two attempts, but I'm glad I played on the low stakes. I'm going to try my hand again. I've heard other players use different tactics.


Was at a high level of play, but the results were unsatisfactory. Not a single object was recognized correctly. Reduced the difficulty by 5, which resulted in a significant increase in success. Currently has a profit of 40, but took a break. Considering the possibility of withdrawing a large sum at risk.


There are many emulators with "minefield" games. After several tests, I chose a slot machine from the company Spribe. I liked this game for its design and a high chance of winning. I was able to increase my pot from a hundred to 4 in just 5 minutes. I plan to use a betting strategy and choose a mode with more bombs to increase my multipliers.


I have had a great experience with Mines. I learned that the most profitable mode is with the minimum number of bombs. This mode is more difficult, but in it, you can accumulate wins gradually, even if they are not very large. Also, you can win more even with average odds if you bet large amounts.


I like playing Mines because it's not difficult and depends on luck and intuition. I play with 10 bombs and if I win at least three rounds I get a win.


This is a great alternative to slot machines where you don't have to wait for randomness and waste time spinning the knob. If you choose a mode with fewer bombs, your chance of winning will be maximum.


I was able to successfully withdraw from Mines (site or app?) several times, getting good sums - twice for 200 and once for 400. I always bet to the max and make large deposits, which allows me to get real money - it's a very easy way to motivate.


I am not a frequent visitor to the casino, but if I play, I choose only Mines. The game process is quite simple: if I guess, I get a win, if I am wrong, I lose money. The game depends solely on my calculations and decisions.


At the moment, there is a game that leads the market in modern devices. I never would have thought that even Minesweeper can become so interesting. At the moment, the game allows you to win almost constantly, so it is recommended to play until the internal bugs are fixed.


Can I trust player reviews?

One should be guided by reviews written by players to make the right choice. It is worth paying special attention to the comments that contain detailed experiences of the game, which are shared by the gamblers.

Where to find reviews of real gamblers?

It is recommended to search for reviews and ratings from real users on reputable online platforms. A reasonable solution would be to refer to sites that cooperate with official partners, groups in social networks, and well-known Internet resources devoted to gambling.

What is the advantage of Mines for players?

One of the applications that have simple rules, a wide payout range, and the ability to customize the conditions is Mines. By choosing your risk level, you can play in the sweepstakes.

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