Analogs of the game Mines: alternative games with mines  

Some online casinos periodically add games that resemble Minesweeper. The makers of these games have their unique features, but only a few have managed to achieve the same popularity as Mines.

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mines analog

mines analogs

Three current counterparts for the Mines game

Many games can replace Mines. Currently, games of this genre are under active development and new variants are constantly appearing. Despite this, Mines is still one of the most popular games in this category. The secret to the success of this emulator is that its mechanism successfully balances the casino and players, allowing the latter to have a slight advantage.

The following emulators can be considered as an option:

  • The Bombuks game is based on casino customers opening boxes, hoping to find symbols that will bring them winnings. However, the chances of failure in this game are very high, which is reflected in its low rating.
  • An interesting experience awaits the casino visitor in Royal Mines - he will find himself inside a medieval castle and face several challenges, including a minefield. Successful completion of each stage will bring a win, but the payout coefficients are not too high so that to earn a lot of money at a long distance will not work.
  • In the new app called Turbo Mines, you can adjust the size of the playing field, which can affect the number of available winning moves and increase the number of bombs.

The mechanics in Mines have been changed to use bonuses, and the provider is actively promoting their product, which raises questions about the game's true popularity.

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How Mines is better than other games

The Mines games are made in the classic Minesweeper style, which makes it easy for players to adapt to the interface. The browser version is not overloaded with unnecessary elements of three-dimensional graphics, so it works quickly and without delay. However, other applications are not as convenient to play because of the breaks and problems with processing user requests.

The company, which specializes in the production of games, has created an adapted version of its product, suitable for use on mobile devices. One of the advantages is the ability to run the emulator Mines in an upright position, which does not negatively affect the battery charge. In addition, the user can freely choose the game mode and is not limited by the time of the game session.

The user has an opportunity to choose one object from a set and perform one action, after which he can get the reward. In the next round, there is a chance to choose from 20 objects and risk more. The customer can adjust the size of the bet on each visit. The online club allows you to create your strategy and earn a steady income.

Visitors to the casino have a chance to win a large sum - a jackpot of 10000 USD, which is not available on other slot machines with a similar game. Although Spribe is a new developer, many players have already been able to enrich themselves thanks to this emulator.

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How Mines is better than slots

Many people who want to bet in casinos prefer to play on slot machines. However, the majority of newcomers do not get any winnings and find themselves at a loss. New slot machine models require players to be very persistent and have extra money to bet.

In Mines there is an opportunity to quickly earn a large sum of money. In the money mode, the player is given 5 cells on the field, and it is enough to guess one of them to win a multiplier. The unlimited demo mode will help you learn to understand how the internal GSC works.

Even if you do not want to experience nervous tension, the emulator is still suitable for you. In basic one-bomb mode, you have almost a 99% chance of success. Although the betting multiplier will be low, you don't have to win the jackpot in one go. You can accumulate an amount for withdrawal over several days.

You can find similarities between Game Mines and slot machines in that bonuses are available in both cases. Despite the lack of free spins, players can get free bets, which will be doubled, since the first one is provided by the provider and the rest by the gambling establishment. In addition, the game is regularly updated with new prize features.

Online casino sites are giving a lot of attention to the new emulator, especially vouchers - bonuses that do not require wagering. Players can get money for free for betting and with a high probability of winning prizes after some time. Today, the Mines product is available on two online platforms associated with the gaming industry - 1win and Pin up.

Among other things, the Mines games have detailed round statistics, unlike other games of a similar type. The betting history documents all previous scenarios with the location of bombs and stars. If you try to cheat the random number generator, you might be able to predict where the winning symbol will end up in the next turn.

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What games are similar to Mines?

Many other choices can replace the original. Some of the most popular choices that casino customers choose include Turbo Mines, Royal Mines, and Bombuks. In these emulators, the gameplay is identical.

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What are the benefits of Spribe's Mines game?

The service provider provides the ability to view detailed betting reports as well as varied bonus offers for individuals who are passionate about gambling in real betting mode.

How to activate the bonus for game Mines?

You can get free bets using the emulator interface, and other features for prizes will be available through the promotions section of the online casino website.

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