The best strategies for playing Mines: an overview of working schemes  

Not many fans of the classic game "Minesweeper" are aware of the fact that it is possible to earn regular playing this emulator. Successfully selected tactics help to save your bank and increase the score several times.

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mines strategy

mines strategy

Three factors that influence the strategy

When playing at Mines you need to adhere to several key principles of strategy, which are associated with the mechanics of this slot machine, which is different from others. However, as with many games, an important factor is control and proper bankroll management.

There are several factors to consider when determining a strategy for a guest:

  • It is more advantageous to play with a larger bankroll, which allows for longer sessions. To maximize the time spent playing even with low stakes, it is necessary to have additional financial resources. Therefore, it is advisable to contribute significant amounts and not forget about the possibility of getting bonuses from the casino.
  • There is a way of playing that includes the possibility of winning money, and it affects the probability of success and the number of winnings. It is recommended to start with a single step so that the risks are minimal. Accumulating money on the balance is possible gradually, taking your time.
  • The ability to change bets and adapt helps not to lose. If a person decides to play 100 times with one bet, he should stick to this strategy. This can reduce the risk of losing by half.

It is possible to make a plan of action using additional options. The Spribe group provides free bets several times a day. In addition, separate gifts are given out by representatives of online casinos Pin-up and 1win.

How the Martingale tactic works at Mines

There is a Martingale methodology where a player tries to compensate for the loss in subsequent bets by doubling the betting amount. Thus, it is impossible to constantly lose in the Mines game, and sooner or later the player will be able to snap a win and come out in the black.

mines martingale strategy

Three recommendations regarding the execution of the Martingale strategy

An important aspect when using the Martingale system is the size of the bankroll, which is crucial. Although the maximum bet in the Mines games is 100 USD, it is advisable to start with the minimum bets and gradually increase them, instead of risking everything at once. This approach will help you deal with a long losing streak and win a bet that will cover past expenses.

First, you need to decide on the game mode, in which the step will be multiplied by 2. Usually, it is a game with multiple mines, lasting 10-15 minutes. It is worth ending the game after the first or second round, even if they were successful.

In the second point, it is recommended that casino customers go back to the initial bet after the first win and consistently use the Martingale method, not going beyond the established range of bets.

If you play Mines at an online casino, you should not rely on the automatic mode of play. Although there is an option that automatically doubles your bet after an unsuccessful round, the blocks on the field will not move. It is necessary to unlock squares at different positions, as the location of the bombs is constantly changing and requires searching.

mines casino game strategies

Alternative strategies in the game Mines

Using Martingale requires a sufficient financial reserve, which may not be feasible for many. It is possible to use bonuses to compensate for the lack of budget, but newcomers often ignore the opportunity to receive welcome gifts.

Flat gambling strategy

One of the basic ideas of strategy Flat is that the player puts a fixed percentage of his bankroll, for example, 7% of 1000 coins. The size of the rate remains the same regardless of whether he won or lost.

Flat tactics allow customers of the gaming club to play with high risk and get a big win, without requiring large expenditures from the budget.

If in the first round, there are noticeably many endangered cells on the screen, you can count on good winnings. Even though the visitor may have had unsuccessful attempts in the past, it will not affect the final result. A bet amount equal to 5% of the bank will not seriously affect the overall balance.

Conveniently, the client is free to choose bets without restrictions from the developer. When using the Flat strategy and 20 bombs at a large distance, the probability of success is close to 100%.

mines game grind method

How to manage a financial bank using the Grind method

This method of income is now very common in slot machines. Due to the high volatility of this kind of game, the user cannot count on winning every round, so it is necessary to carefully monitor the management of their finances.

The gambler needs to choose a certain percentage of the total balance for further play. If he manages to win in the first round, the percentage increases and he can try to play the next round at a higher percentage of the bank. However, if he encounters a loss, the percentage decreases. During the next round, the bet is 5% of the amount available.

Grind strategically continues to control the pot, but the guest decides to take a risk and get some additional profit.

You can try to apply the above strategy in slot Mines, playing with either 10-15 bombs or 20 mines. To reduce the risk of losing your winnings in the next round, it is recommended to finish the game session after the first step. This is especially important when finding a star becomes much more difficult.

mines game earn money

How to play safely for money at Mines

Some tactics guarantee success in Mines, but their effectiveness is not completely guaranteed. Despite this, randomness and the random number generator still affect the outcome. If you want to play for money without risk, you should not expect to win the jackpot anytime soon.

A player playing at an online casino has information about the highest possible payout. For example, if in a game with 20 mines and the maximum bet will open 5 stars, the winnings will be 10000 USD. To get this amount, you can play several days in a row and gradually accumulate the desired amount.

If you do not want to put yourself at risk, then you should adhere to the following principles, which will be useful for the better:

  • Keeping a large amount of money in a large bank is a priority, as well as getting bonuses to save your deposit and manage your finances well. For example, the Pin-up casino site offers a 100% gift, while the online club 1win offers deposit prizes in the form of vouchers that can be picked up every day.
  • The main element of the game becomes an explosive device, and the most lucrative odds can be obtained by going the long way. If a guest chooses to engage in star discovery over several hours, they will eventually be able to recoup their initial investment.
  • You can bet on the lower limits, you don't have to start with the lowest bet. Between 2 and 4 USD can be spent on each round. With a deposit of 1,000 USD, this is considered safe.
  • Avoid changing bet sizes and game modes after a certain number of rounds. This can break the strategy of money management and lead to the loss of winnings.

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the main menu of game Mines in the casino. One of the tabs, Free Bet, is available immediately. Spribe allows you to make free bets, which can lead to a bonus win on your profile balance. This is a great chance to try your luck and benefit from the game.


Which strategy is considered the safest?

For those who are just starting to play, the one-bomb mode is the best choice. The player who takes the risk can get the most out of it, but it happens almost every round.

Is there any approach in Mines that is guaranteed not to lead to a loss?

There is no one-size-fits-all tactic that will ensure success in every round. To achieve victory, you need to focus on controlling your bankroll and aim to win over the long term, not the short-term horizon.

How do I hit the jackpot in a Mines game?

To be able to be present at the casino for an extended period and gradually increase their income, a customer will need to have a significant amount of cash.

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