Mines game for real money

A game called Mines is available in one of the gambling establishments, where visitors can try their luck as a sapper. For overcoming the minefield, players can get a significant financial reward.

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mines game

  1. ⚡ Features of the gameplay of Mines
  2. ⭐ Basic rules of the game of Chance Mines
  3. ⭕ How to start playing Mines
  4. 🎁 Bonuses for the game Mines
  5. 💠 Working strategies for Mines
  6. 📱 How to download Mines to your phone
  7. 🔺 What are the benefits of playing Mines
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mines game

Features of the gameplay of Mines

One company from Georgia, Spribe, has created a new game called Mines that features unusual mechanics. This company is known for its previous product, which is called Aviator, but they also produce other emulators.

The task of the player becomes to open cells on the virtual minefield. If he chooses an empty cell, he wins and gets money in his account. If desired, he can request a payout of his winnings.

The tour ends when the gambler finds a bomb under the cell. In this case, the bet is written off in favor of the online casino. In each new round, Mines are randomly placed throughout the field. This is determined by a random number generator.

The developers from Spribe add some interesting solutions to the mechanics:

  • The game allows you to choose the number of objects that will be hidden in the current round. The more objects, the higher the multiplier will be. If the player selects only one object, he will get a small profit from the bet. Study Mines confirms that the number of grenades hidden on the field directly affects the initial payout, which can reach 5.81.
  • There is a game that allows the user to choose predetermined locations where the boxes will open. After choosing the size of the bet, the gambler can choose the number of automatic rounds that will be completed without his participation. This process can continue for several hundred moves.
  • Increasing the odds. Selecting a significant number of the lowest values does not provide the user of the online casino with high payouts. If you select the largest number of mines, then the screen will be only 5 empty spaces, which is difficult to guess. If the number of mines is small, then the player has the opportunity to increase his bet almost twice with each step, thanks to the multiplier.

There is an opportunity to win in game Mines at any time, but for this, you need to earn the first star and weigh all the arguments. The amount of potential winnings is displayed in the upper left corner, and it may make sense to continue the game by making a few more moves.



⚡ Quick game

💲 Low minimum bet

⚖️ Option to adjust the risk of the game

🎲 Can stop the game at any time

🤖 Option to activate automatic play

⌚ No time limit


💵 Maximum bet limit

📉 Can lose quickly

❌ Cannot play with other players

Basic rules of the game of Chance Mines

The game is a simple mechanics that can be mastered without additional help and paytable. Beginners can easily navigate the game, thanks to the available details:

  • The player needs to accumulate the most stars in a certain period, and the gambling player should keep in mind that it is known in advance how many stars will be available. In addition, before each game session, the gambler can choose the number of mines that will be randomly scattered across the screen.
  • There are 25 cells on the main screen, where the visitor can choose 20 to fill with mines. This is the most difficult, but also the most rewarding stage of the game. When the online casino visitor makes the first successful move, he gets an increase in winnings.
  • In Mines casinos, the multiplier increases with each star collected, and in the most difficult and profitable stage, the multiplication can increase by up to 5 times. However, the user will get much more profit as a result of a significant increase in the multiplier step.
  • To start the affair, the player must press the green bet button to open the bets. During the round, the bet button is replaced by cashout. The visitor can complete the game session, even if he did not pass the field to the end. In addition, the player can calculate his bets after each round.
  • For each participant of the game, there is information about past bets, showing all bets made by him. This allows the player to keep track of their successes and failures and use this information to play more successfully against the random number generator. Many players use their statistics to develop their game strategy.
  • The casino website has an automatic game feature that allows the visitor to pre-select the open spots in each round. The player can choose one or more seats.

In automatic mode, the game has features that allow you to adjust the increase and decrease of bets. For example, when losing, the gambler can use the automatic doubling of the bet, which helps to implement the Martingale strategy.

It is possible to change the number of mines and parameters during each round, and it is also worth bearing in mind that if the Internet connection is interrupted at the moment of active betting, the winnings will be automatically credited to the player so that he does not lose his money.

There are no other set rules in this game, and the user has to train himself and come up with the best tactics. However, the provider does not limit the time of using the demo version, which is an advantage for users.

Mines game
🎮 Developer Spribe
📅 Release Year 2021
📊 RTP  97%
🎲 Game Type Crash game with guessing empty cells without bombs
💵 Minimum Bet 0.1 USD
💰 Maximum Win 10000 USD
🎯 Special Features Automatic mode, betting history
🎮 Demo Version Yes
📱 Mobile Version Yes
🤝 Casino Support Pin-Up, 1win

how to play mines game

How to start playing Mines

A demo mode is available at the start of the game, which allows casino customers to practice the game without restriction. As part of the demo mode, you can experiment with the number of bombs and bets. This opportunity is provided by the casino operators and the developer Spribe.

After registration, the user can start playing for money in Mines. To find the initial version of the game, you can use online casinos such as Pin Up and 1win, which offer convenient registration. You can join the club through a variety of channels, including phone, email, and social media. Linking VKontakte and Telegram accounts is quick and easy.

The decision on which deposit to use for the slot depends on the user's personal preferences. However, there are several other factors that every customer needs to consider:

  • The welcome bonus can vary from one online casino to another. For example, in Pin Up Online Casino it is 100% on the first deposit, and in 1win - 500%. This money can be used in different games, including crash games and other gambling activities such as Mines.
  • There is a strategy based on running the game using small bets that can be placed on even the smallest values. In the emulator program, such bets start at 0.1 USD. However, during one playing round, you can invest up to 100 USD.
  • The duration of the game in Mines depends on the size of the deposit, which should be prepared with a reserve to play for a few hours. Experienced players advise to prepare a reserve budget to correct errors after the first losses and easily return to the game.
  • Before the start of the round, you must set the number of mines that will be used in one turn. It is possible to set a minimum of three bombs, but this will lead to a decrease in bets after each star is found. It is also possible not to bet any bombs, but this almost guarantees a loss, as it is very difficult to guess three free cells on a closed display.

Tips from operators of online gambling sites include the advice to choose the middle option. One player chooses 10 positions that occupy about half of the field. The odds of the random number generator and the client of the gambling establishment are equal.

The player then decides how much money he wants to bet on the machine. This can be done by selecting a certain amount from the menu, or gradually changing the bet by using the "+" and "-" signs.

To start the game, it is required to press the bet button, which is colored green. If in the process of the game will be found the first star, the user has the opportunity to order a cashout. It should be noted that in the next round, the odds of winning will remain at the same level. In this case, there is a zeroing of betting statistics, and the player starts again with the standard level of multiplication.

Mines play

mines bonus

Bonuses for the game Mines

The emulator contains information about the possibility of getting free bets for Mines. However, it no longer depends on the company that created the slot machine, but on the owners of online casinos.

The times when classic slot machines were at their peak of popularity are becoming a thing of the past, and today they are being replaced by crash games and applications with unusual game mechanics. Mines is becoming more and more in demand, and the representatives of gaming establishments are not left out of this trend.

There are official sites Pin Up and 1win, where you can spend time playing Mines. In addition, there are several bonus options available to users:

  • Deposit Incentives. A player can get up to five times the money on their first deposit. Additional bonuses of this kind are offered almost every month. Funds are transferred to a special account. When the balance on the main account of the user becomes less than 10 units, virtual currency bets are allowed.
  • Regular cashback. Weekly cashback allows users to win back and not lose too much money. It is about the fact that the visitor of the online casino loses a certain amount and remains in deficit. For this, the administration gives from 10% to 30%.
  • In Pin-up and 1win, there is an opportunity to get prize points, which have two functions: increasing the level of loyalty and exchanging for real money. Thus, the client has the opportunity to create an additional financial reserve and continue the game with the existing funds, without the need to replenish the account.
  • There are special offers that allow you to get free bets in the game Mines when using several promo codes. In order not to miss the opportunity to take advantage of these lucrative offers, it is recommended to subscribe to the social communities of online clubs. Now, to promote their sites, casinos use the social network VKontakte and messenger Telegram.

Professional players are always careful when it comes to using bonuses. They never activate multiple promo codes at the same time to avoid the unnecessary complexity of completing the terms of each promotion. This also helps them save time and increase their chances of success.

Mines strategy

Working strategies for Mines

An algorithm that generates random numbers determines the location of the mines in each step. It is impossible to predict this sequence because the generator generates a huge number of combinations that cannot be predicted in advance.

The plan of action is based on money management and the study of the probability of negative consequences. Internet casino users have the opportunity to play according to the following methodology:

  • This is a minimum-risk game strategy, where the gambling player chooses only one bomb. The probability of hitting the right cell is not that great. If the user bets 100 coins, he will earn 101.04 coins if he succeeds and 105.43 coins on his second attempt. If he chooses the third star, he will receive a prize of 110.22 coins. After that, you can stop the game and start over.
  • There is a method called the "Martingale Strategy", but it is not possible to use it fully in Mines. The rules do not allow each bet to be doubled. Nevertheless, it is possible to adapt. The player chooses 20 objects in each round and puts 2 coins at the beginning. If the casino game is unsuccessful, the customer moves on to a new round and increases his bet by 4 times, with the possibility of increasing up to 100 credits. The goal is to guess the outcome of the game at least once, which will help recoup past losses and profitably complete the game cycle. It is recommended to keep increasing the bet after unsuccessful attempts.
  • We consider a method based on the use of low odds. The casino customer uses a single chip and bets on a position with odds of 0.1 USD. If he is lucky, the player will receive a small amount, which may mean some profit for him.
  • A method that uses a change in bet size is called a Grind or slip tactic. For example, if someone wins at the casino, the size of the next bet is doubled. If the next bet loses, then the size of the bet will return to the previous value. This strategy helps to save the deposit.

Players who cooperate and use common strategies can reduce their risk. To do this, they will need to accumulate a considerable amount of money in their account. They have a certain algorithm that helps them win:

  • When a user chooses to play with a mine, the first win will not be high enough because of the low multiplier.
  • To achieve a good profit, it is worth considering betting at least 100 coins, even if the multiplier is low.
  • The first three moves of the game are sufficient for the bettor to start his playing session. In this case, the visitor spends only 100 credits, does not lose his bet, and gets almost 45 coins. When playing in three sessions, the total profit covers the initial bet.

There is a small chance of failure when playing in an online club, however, if a customer can last in the game for 3 rounds, each of which includes 3 attempts, he will have the opportunity to lose only once. In such an earning scheme, the client has more chances to win than to lose.

Mines official website

mines game download

How to download Mines to your phone

There are two options for playing Mines on a mobile device. The official apps are available on Pinup Casino and 1win, and the online club can be installed on any device with Android and iOS operating systems. Also, Mines is developed by Spribe using HTML5 technology, which allows you to run the game through a standard browser.

Turning on the emulator requires several procedures:

  • When the user goes to the gaming club website, he can find a link to the software, which is usually located in the upper right corner of the page, for example, in the applications section on the 1win link.
  • The gamer has opted for the app. Providers have developed a client application that is not only available on iOS and Android. Installation of the online casino is also possible on MacOS and Windows computers.
  • The user downloads the program, which installs quickly and doesn't take up much space on the computer, to start playing casino games.
  • The end user can access their page in the application. Additionally, it is possible to create a new account, but filling out personal information through the website is more convenient.

The development team at Spribe has made every effort to ensure that online casino customers are not inconvenienced when using the mobile version of the Mines games. The game will have large buttons for each cell that can be easily pressed with one thumb. Players will not have to rotate their devices into an upright position.

A blue color scheme is recommended in all atmospheres. It is not necessary to use maximum brightness on a mobile device to visualize the main field. In addition, the player will not lose his progress if app or browser errors occur.

Not only does one gambling app offer other benefits, but it also uses push notifications to help players learn about new promotions and vouchers to play Mines. Also, those who bet through a mobile device can receive significantly more freebies at the end of the month.

Play the Mines game

mines betting game

What are the benefits of playing Mines

There are many alternatives to the Mines game, but not all of them can replicate the original mechanics and provide players with bonus features. Nevertheless, the specialists from the Georgian company Spribe managed to create a product that occupies the leading position in this niche.

The popularity of Mines is due to the following:

  • The initial betting threshold is so low that even a player with a limited budget will be able to continue playing for money. The minimum bet is only 0.1 USD, which is ideal for beginners who can quickly adjust to the mechanics of the game and get real payouts.
  • In a single game, there is an opportunity to win up to 10,000 USD, which is the maximum payout on some slots and gambling games. Some casino players can guess all the boxes on a field of 20 bombs and get that winning.
  • Inexperienced players can easily master the classic arcade thanks to the intuitive gameplay. Players can practice in endless demo mode, allowing them to test strategies and choose the best number of mines for themselves.
  • Flexible conditions are provided. Winnings are available after each round, thus avoiding risks. Game Mines can be the most profitable, especially for those who are not willing to take risks and are happy with small payouts. Casino operators do not prohibit the use of such a game strategy.
  • The mobile version of the Mines casinos has a convenient and compact interface, both in the application and in the browser. Working with the miniature screen will be comfortable, the player can easily select the right cell, without the risk of losing money due to the peculiarities of the device.

The mobile game has protection against technical problems, so if the player leaves the online mode, the game session will continue automatically. If the player wins, he will get the reward in his account and not lose it due to an unexpected closure of the application.


How do I bet money in Mines?
To play the casino for real money, the user must register and deposit their balance. In the Mines games, the current bankroll is displayed on the screen, and the bet amount can be adjusted on the main control panel.
What are the maximum winnings in Mines?
The maximum reward in Mines varies in size, which can be expressed in the equivalent of 10,000 USD. To get this reward, you must select the hardest level and complete the game with all five stars unlocked.
What is the minimum bet in Mines?
In emulator Mines, you can make bets from 0.1 USD and change their size after each step. The client of the casino also has the opportunity to withdraw his money at any time.
Is it possible to use bonuses in Mines?
The simulation system allows the user to access free play rounds. In addition, visitors to the online casino have the opportunity to get various bonuses, such as reimbursement of part of the losses, promo codes with the ability to play without making a deposit, and gifts for replenishing the balance.
How to withdraw money from game Mines?
A user who wins the game Mines can instantly get their winnings to their account. To withdraw money, it is possible to use casino cash and bank cards, as well as online wallets.
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Isabella, 29 years old

Mines is my new favorite game! It's captivating and incredibly dynamic. You can feel the real casino thrill here. Plus, the winnings are genuinely real!️


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An excellent game for those who love strategies. Mines gives a chance to apply tactical skills and win substantial amounts. I recommend it to all gambling enthusiasts!️


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Mines is always interesting! Every round is unique, and you never know what will happen. It's like a real adventure. Grips you from the first minutes!️


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I've been playing in casinos for a long time, but Mines genuinely surprised me. It's incredible how emotionally intense each round can be. I recommend it for those looking for something new.️


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Mines is my most successful find in the world of online casinos. The opportunity to develop strategies and the sense of responsibility for each bet make the game exciting. Bravo!️


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A lover of strategic games - that's my view on Mines. Unusual and captivating. And most importantly, here you can genuinely win good money if you apply your skills.️


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