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The gaming system Mines has the possibility of using bonuses, which are available to all players. With the help of a special code, you can get an additional advantage in the game mode for real money.

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What bonuses are available for players Mines

With the special code provided by Mines, the provider and operators of gambling establishments provide bonus opportunities that can be used to get virtual money and make real bets. Under this system, the visitor plays on someone else's account, but all winnings are transferred to his wallet.

There is a feature of the game Mechanics Mines, which differs from the classic version of Saper on the Windows operating system. This unique element is a privilege of the Spribe provider and is called free bets. Operators of the company can randomly provide several free bets that can be used in the game. Information on the availability of such bets will be displayed in the game menu.

The bonus is provided without the need for payment. There is no need to fulfill any additional conditions for using the bonus. It is possible to make one or two free bets. It is possible to win up to several hundred USD.

Representatives of the casino organize alternative promotions:

  • A set of attractive rewards that are provided as part of the invitation program. Each gaming establishment operator uses special promotions to attract new customers. This includes various bonuses for the first, second, third, and fourth deposits. Additional free bets for playing Mines are also available.
  • Free rewards on unique codes. The provider will provide exclusive tickets to the Mines games. When the gift is activated, the gamer will receive a certain amount of virtual money, which can be used inside the emulator. Wagering conditions are predetermined, but for newcomers, the provider can set a lower threshold.
  • Bonus certificates that use virtual currency are common in casinos. Depending on the level of loyalty, a player can earn comp points that can be used to earn new perks and purchase currency. For example, for 1 comp point at one casino, you can get 1win, which is equivalent to real money.

Experts include themed events in the classification of bonus offers, such as Mines-game tournaments or a series of promotional codes with free money that can be found on social networks. Operators strongly advise subscribing to Telegram channels for information about these events. The newcomer will be provided with up-to-date information on all changes and innovations.

mines promo codes

How to find fresh promo codes for the game Mines

At the casino, you need to be active to get more perks and have time to take advantage of a limited offers.

Some resources can help in finding current promo codes for Mines gamblers:

  • Certain online platforms can be used by casinos to attract new players. One of the popular types of games today is Mines, as well as crash emulators. A casino can use this product before advertising and new promo codes are published.
  • Certain systems allow casinos to have partnerships. Members of these relationships can place unique coupons on their web resources to play Mines. Once a player completes the registration process and enters their account, hundreds of coins will be available to them as a free game bonus.
  • Online communities with a specific theme can be useful if you are looking for new promo codes. In such communities, online casino moderators can discuss coupon-related topics, which can help in finding up-to-date information.

One company has a website where you can find a Mines-game demo, as well as current updates and information about upcoming free bets. A visit to this site is recommended.

Some coupons have a limited number of activations, so users should hurry to get the voucher. For example, one of the codes for Game Mines can only be activated 50 times, and those who get it in time will be able to play for free and will not have to wager the bonus.

Some promo codes have wagering requirements. Two things are important for the player to consider: First, you need to work off the bonus for a limited time, for example, in the casino Pin up for this is given 72 hours.

In the second case, the wager has a limit of x50 at Pin up, which can be known to online club customers in advance. This allows players to plan their budgets more accurately and avoid financial risks.

mines maximum bonus

How to get maximum bonuses for Mines

Different terms and conditions apply to the prize, which can vary depending on the player's actions. A participant can make a few bets in Mines each week and get no rewards, or he can play for money all the time. The number of available promotions depends on the customer's activity in the casino.

Many visitors to gaming establishments use the Mines emulators to get benefits in the loyalty program, which allows them to move up the ranks of this program:

  • There is a person who regularly deposits money into his account and bets at Mines, and the results of the bets do not matter. Even if he always wins, it does not affect his rating, which only grows because he regularly replenishes his account.
  • For each deposit, the casino awards bonus points, which are saved in the account. When a user reaches a certain number of points, they get access to additional levels and promo codes to play Mines.
  • It is possible to earn bonus points by performing various actions, such as registering, downloading the application, subscribing to social networks, as well as verifying the profile. In doing so, the player will receive additional points, which will be credited to his account, helping him to advance in the game.
  • After 30 days of active play for real money in the online casino, the client receives VIP status, which allows him to enjoy all the benefits and gain access to additional promo codes.

There is an opportunity to promote the loyalty program through the slot machine, but it is not as profitable as through the Mines games. The odds of winning in slot machines are much lower than in Mines, and it is not possible to change the next round's settings or risk level.

We have additional recommendations for those who are used to betting using a bonus account:

  • One has to keep an eye on the provider and their news. Spribe, the game developer, stands out from the other companies and acts very energetically. Perhaps before next month, they will launch new promotions with free bets.
  • It is possible to follow the updates of the casino operator, but there is not much information on the official website of the gambling establishment. The main news is published on social networks, and an assistant in the search for new bonuses will be messenger Telegram. On the eve of holidays and major sporting events, the collection of promotions will change.
  • You need to enable push notifications in a special application for the casino, which can be downloaded from both the official website of the club and the mirrors. In addition, this application can play Mines.

By acquiring bonus points and earning funds in a safe mode, a fan of Mines receives significant benefits. It allows him to make a little extra profit and build up extra insurance capital. This allows him to risk a larger amount in the game.

It is important to keep an eye on Spribe, especially focusing on the promotion of their crash game, Aviator. However, the demand for emulators is gradually decreasing, so there is a need for the company to update new products. This game, called Mines, which was released in 2021, is getting more and more mentions among players.

mines strategy

Game strategy with bonuses

Online casino players prefer to use a low-risk strategy because they do not receive bonuses. They spend no more than 7 minutes in the game to save their money and avoid big losses. Thus, they have the opportunity to reduce the risk and save their bankroll.

The opportunity to increase their income is provided by special codes that entitle them to a free bet. When using medium-risk tactics, it is necessary to activate them within 8-15 minutes. Some of the territory may contain dangerous items. At the same time, the use of bonus funds will not affect the user's financial budget, which guarantees the safety of his funds in case of an unsuccessful game.

Keep in mind that the more mines on the playing field, the higher will be the multiplier gain. When the number of cells occupied by grenades reaches 15 in the first game attempt, the visitor of the game institution receives a multiplier of 2.4. In the case of a successful passage of the second game session, the rate will increase already by 6.5 times. And the third game session will allow the gambler to win 18.6 times.

In the demo mode, any tactic is tested, and the transition to the cash game mode is possible only if an activated promo code is available. The more cash on the account, the more bombs can be placed on the playing field. For example, if you choose a high-risk strategy, the number of mined positions will be 20, and safe - only 5, while the top multiplier reaches x223.

There is one tactic that allows the player to use the spare pot cautiously. It is called the Fibonacci strategy. The gambler chooses to spend more than 15 minutes on the field each round, which allows him to raise the total multiplier to almost 3. If he loses, he doubles his bet in the next round, and if he wins, he returns his bet to the original level.

The appeal of the Fibonacci strategy is that it allows the player to extend his playing time by spending his bankroll more slowly. This is especially true for those who play with their own and won money, as it allows them to play for hours at a time.

mines bonus account

How to cash out a bonus account

Funds received from bonus bets are credited to the prize wallet and to transfer to the real balance, certain conditions must be met.

For example, a client can use a special code to get a bonus on the game called Mines. To activate the bonus, it is necessary to deposit at least 30000 and wager it in slots or in game Mines itself. The promotion is valid for a month.

The Mines rewards system functions a little differently, providing bonuses that are issued by the online casino operator 1win. Coupon holders receive 100 win coins when they register on the official site.

You cannot use the coins directly in a cash game at Mines. You need to exchange them for real money through your account, using the tab "voucher". Note that the exchange rate is 1 to 1, and you will not be taxed on the wager when you receive the bonus. When a gambler wins in a slot, he is free to transfer the money to his card.

Regularly you can get free bonuses, which will become even more attractive as the popularity of the Mines game grows. Soon it will probably be able to overtake the progressive jackpot machines and take the top spots in the ranking of gaming applications. People working in casinos will create a large number of special codes that allow you to play for free and distribute them through groups in social networks.


What is a Mines-game voucher?

A Mines-game voucher that has a free bet allows the player to play for free and get real winnings after the activation of the bonus code.

How do I get promo codes for game Mines?

Bonus codes that can be used for slot machines and online casinos are provided by providers and operators. To find out about new promotions, you can contact the support service or follow the social networks of gambling establishments.

How to activate a promo code in game Mines?

Depending on the type of bonus, it can be activated on the casino website in the player's cabinet or the interface of the emulator.

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